Curse of the Crimson Throne


Richard – Eleischell Aisling, Aasimar Warpriest

Matt – Demitri Sylvester, Tiefling Occultist

Kenny – Xanthas, Aquatic Elf Fighter

David – Black Plague, Ratfolk Rogue(Unchained)


Story So Far:

The party was contacted by messages, seeming to be written on the back of Harrow Cards, calling them all to the shop of a local fortune teller, a lady by the name of Zellara. Once gathered they all learned they shared a common foe, the local bandit and general scum known as Gaedren Lamm, as well as where he was hiding out nearby.

In the Old Fishery they found and subdued Gaedren Lamm to turn him over to the guards. Having found a small brooch as well as a bloody Harrow Deck that they now know belongs to the fortune teller that first sent them there. Having found that the brooch belonged to Queen Ileosia herself they sought to return it to her, and in doing so they gained an audience with her and her personal guardian. Upon returning the brooch they were invited to help the Guard in keeping order in the city.


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