Curse of the Crimson Throne

Checking out The Eel's End

After finishing their search of the shop All the World's Meat, and dealing with a trio of Reefclaws that they learned were being used to dispose of human body parts, the group was allowed a day or two of rest. After they had time to rest up they were given their next assignment. A Chelish ambassador in town, who had threatened to have embargos placed on the city, was now bringing worry to Cressida Croft. She feared that he would use the recent unrest to get the sanctions and embargo he wanted, using them to put himself in a place of power once they were lifted later.

Rumors had him visiting a local den of vice known as The Eel's End, run by a local named Devargo Barvasi. While she had her suspicions about him, she admits that at the moment he is not even remotely a problem for her. However he could be of use, as he likes keeping on good terms with the Guard. She gives the party 1,000 gold coins to use to buy any information that he might have to blackmail the ambassador, should the need arise. As they ready to leave they are offered an escort by a local teacher in the art of fencing, Vencarlo Orisini.

While the walk there is rather mundane, Vencarlo simply taking the time to get to know the party and learn a little about each of them, their time at The Eel's End is hardly so mundane. After parting with Vencarlo they make their way to the five ships that make up the area known as The Eel's End which includes one ship that gave it the name.

The group is able to quickly gain passage inside to meet with Devargo who confirms that while he does have something on the ambassador, he is not so ready to give it up without something in return. So after some talking and banter he offers a game called Knivesies, with one member of the party and a local thug playing. After a few quick and slightly frantic moments, Eleischell Aisling manages to come out the winner, earning a handful of gold as well as Devargo's favor.

After handing over the gold, plus a little extra from their own pockets, he hands over two letters from the Ambassador and reveals that they are from him to the wife of a high ranking Chelish noble. After leaving and delivering the letters to Cressida, both Eleischel and Plague return after dark, quickly working to free a captured House Drake that Devargo had been keeping to torture for fun.

Now they have a new mission, a very urgent and time sensitive one. The palace has named a killer, but Cressida wants her to face true justice rather than a mob. They are to bring her in before the mobs, Hellknights, or palace guards get their hands on her.

The search for Trinia!

As they group was returning from Eel's End, they began hearing rumors of the castle naming their culprit for the murder of the King. A local painter, who had been hired to paint the King's portrait not long before he fell ill, was named. Quickly the town fell to mobs and chaos as they sought to exact vengance upon her. However, Cressida was not so sure of the woman's guilt and wanted a chance to speak with the girl.

And so the party was sent to find her, knowing only of her last known address in the Shingles. The party soon took to their search, checking with neighbors and soon finding her studio. However they didn't realize that the neighbors had warned her of their coming, thinking they were corrupt guards! But quickly after the party noticed her trying to escape over the rooftops!

A heated chase began, going over rooftops and makeshift bridges, each twist and turn threatening to send them all tumbling to the streets below. However today it would seem that Trinia was too fast for the party as she managed to lose them all in the clutter of the area. As they left to report back though they caught sight of her in irons, captured by Hellknights to be taken before the Queen.


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